Configuration of the Pine/Alpine command line email client

Alpine uses some preset default settings for a great user experience. But some settings have to be individually set. While configuring you can move around with the cursor keys of your keyboard. The Enter key selects lines and finishes your inputs.

  1. Start Alpine in your shell.
  2. Exit the Greeting Text by pressing E.

  3. When asked for your credentials, cancel this step by Pressing Control-C.

  4. Press S to enter alpines setup.

  5. Press L to define your collection List.

  6. Select Mail which is described as Local folders in /home/USERNAME/Mail and press C to modify this default entry.

  7. Delete the existing entries and replace them with the following entries. When finished, press Control-X. When asked for your password, enter it. Afterwards type Yes to exit and saving changes.

    Nickname  : IMAP
    Server    :
    Path      :
    View      :
  8. Press E to go back to the main Menu.

  9. Press S to enter alpines setup.

  10. Precc C to open alpines configuration menu.

  11. Check that Personal Name contains your full Name. If not, select the line, press Enter and type your full name. When you are finished, Type Enter again.

  12. Select the Inbox Path and enter the following content. Replace USERNAME with your username. After confirming with Enter you will be asked for the INBOX Folder name. Type Inbox
    Folder on "" to use for INBOX [Inbox]: Inbox
  13. Select the Default Fcc (File carbon copy) and enter the following content. Replace USERNAME with your username.

  14. Press E to exit this Menu and commit the changes by entering Yes.

  15. Press Q to save all settings. Then restart Alpine again.


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