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Migrating your mailbox from ISG to Exchange


Some professorships and institutes at D-ITET have decided to use the exchange mail server instead of the D-ITET mail server. This guide is intended to show you the steps to be able to move your mail account to the exchange server. If certain steps in these instructions are unclear, please contact your technical contact first or create a ticket by sending an email to <>.

Pre-migration steps

There are some limitations on the Exchange Server which mean that not all emails can be transferred. You must have completed the following steps before you start the actual migration itself:

You can carry out the steps mentioned above at any time. /!\ But please do only carry out the following steps one day before or on the day of the migration at the earliest. /!\ Before the account can be migrated, you may have to delete existing forwards on the exchange server and set up new forwards on the ISG mail server. These forwards are necessary in order to receive the mails on the exchange server until the final changeover of the domain to the exchange server.

Migration webinterface