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Mail Account

Your mail address

Your eMail arrives on our Unix mail server called Tardis. If you are a D-ITET student, your eMail address is where username is your Unix login name. Have a look at the MailDomains, list of mail-domains, to find out what mail-domain you should use.

Your mailbox

You receive your email on a so called "inbox", which is a special folder with all the incoming mails. You should try to keep this folder as small as possible by moving the mails you want to keep to another folder and deleting what you don't need. There is a "soft" limit of 50 MB on that folder and you will get warning messages if your mailbox becomes bigger. This is just a reminder: mail will always be delivered, independently of the size of your inbox. What you can do to prevent getting messages from the mailbox-guard is:


You can forward your email simply by creating a file ~/.forward in your home directory of your EE Unix account. This file should just contain a line with the eMail address to which you want to forward all your EE eMail. There are quite a few other things you can accomplish with the ~/.forward file. To this end consult the following table:

Line in ~/.forward


Expected "=" to follow "forward"

All incoming email will be forwarded to <email>.


All incoming email will be forwarded to <email>, additionally a copy stays on your EE-Account.

| /usr/bin/procmail

This activates procmail, which is a filter. See EmailProcessing for more information on procmail.

You can also setup the forwarding of your mails online:

CliGUI: Forward


If you are offline for a few days, you can activate our automatic email response service. It will send a message to everyone who tries to contact you during your absence.

You can activate the vacation message online:

CliGUI: Vacation