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Mail Account

Your mail address


With your new D-ITET account you have automatically received an email address called where username is your NETHZ login name. By default all emails sent to this account will be automatically forwarded to the address

You can change this default settings in your sieve mailfilter configuration. See .

staff / guest / others

Beside your institute email address we have automatically created an email address called, where username is your NETHZ login name. You can use this address the same way as your institute email address (in fact, all your institute addresses are only aliases for!).


Do not use the address for publications! We use a very restrictive policy concerning email addresses for people who left the D-ITET. You better use your institute address in any publication as this address can be used much longer, after you left the ETH.

Your mailbox

If your mail isn't forwarded and/or filtered (with sieve), then you receive your email in a so called "inbox". You should try to keep this folder as small as possible by moving the mails you want to keep to another folder and deleting what you don't need. But remember that usually deleted mails are only marked as deleted:


You can forward your email with a redirect rule in your sieve filter. See .


If you are offline for a few days, you can activate an automatic email response service. See .