This guide shows you how to connect to IDES or Stud-IDES.

If you're an employee, use "ides" as server name, if you're a student use "stud-ides". For brevity's sake, this guide will use "ides" throughout the rest of the page.

Connecting to IDES

If you're connecting from outside ETH, please open a VPN connection to ETH first.


Map a network drive to \\ides.ethz.ch\<your_n.ethz-login>.

When asked, input your n.ethz password.


Via Nautilus

Open a terminal and type the following command:

 $ nautilus smb://ides.ethz.ch/<your_n.ethz-login>

The Domain is: D

On the command line

Install smbclient first. Then run the follwoing command to connect: "smbclient \\\\ides.ethz.ch\\<your_n.ethz-login>". You will be prompted for your n.ethz password.

If successful, you will get a command prompt like this: "smb: \>" To close the client, you can type "quit" and then press Enter

Copying Folders

In Windows and via Nautilus on Linux you will get a separate windows, simply select the folders you want to copy, copy them by pressing CTRL+C and paste them into a local folder by pressing CTRL+V

If you are using smblient, you will have to use FTP-like commands.

To copy a folder recursively from IDES to your local computer, do this:

Possible problems with wireless-connections


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